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V Maier S.Coop International Design Competition (2013) - Shortlisted projects

A new era in vehicle design is on the horizon and new decoration standards will be required, influenced by factors such as.... relevance, health and wellbeing, the "just enough" concept, functionality, authenticity, exclusivity, technology and craftsmanship.

  • What makes a design relevant?
  • Can a vehicle decor have a positve influence on health?
  • How can we generate wellbeing in stressful driving situations?
  • Can the "just enough" concept generate exclusivity?
  • Can any technlogy be adapted to vehicle decor?
  • And what about craftsmanship as a source of new decor?

IV Maier S.Coop International Design Competition (2011) - Shortlisted projects

The design proposals in the automotive vehicle Color & Trim area are to focus on the following four themes:

Excitement: The vehicle is exciting. It transmits sensations. It makes both drivers and passengers feel good. It is more than just a method of transport. It is part of us and the way we are. When people look at it, they are looking at us. We feel identified and we like being identified with it.

Multisensorial: Appearance is not enough. The vehicle exterior and interior need to be perceived with all our senses. Touch, sound and smell are increasingly important when it comes to conceiving finishes.

Mobility: We need to get about for business and pleasure. We travel. But we are interested in more than our final destination. We want to enjoy the journey.
Responsibility: This is the only planet we have and we need to take care of it. Pollution, visual impact... we do our best to minimise our impact on the environment. We are the ones responsible.

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