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Is registration required to take part in the Competition?
Yes, when submitting the project.

Is participation in the Competition free of charge?

Can projects be presented as a team?
Yes, there is no limitation on the number of participants making up the team.

Can more than one project be presented?

Can students take part in the competition?
Yes, the competition is open to both students and professionals.

Will the projects taking part in the Competition be published?
Yes. The best proposals will be published on the website, mentioning their authors.

What is the deadline for presenting projects?

When will the prizes be awarded?
In late June (the exact date is yet to be confirmed). Once the date has been set it will be published on the Competition website.

Will any projects arriving after the presentation deadline be accepted?

Has the composition of the Jury been decided on?
Not yet, but the Jury is made up of designers from the main vehicle manufacturing firms.

Are the prizes subject to taxation?
Yes. In accordance with Spanish legislation the prize-winners will be subject to financial taxation, but only if they are Spanish.

Will I receive an e-mail notifying receipt of the projects sent?
Yes, you will be sent a confirmation email.

Do participants have to pay the cost of sending in the material sample book?
No, national (NACEX) and international (DHL) courier costs will be paid on delivery.

Can you send the deliverables by e-mail?
No. The project consists of 4 deliverables. All the deliverables but the Material Sample Book should be submitted via the competition web site (www.maierinnovation.com/competition/signin) . The Material Sample Book must be sent by courier as indicated in www.maierinnovation.com/competition/signin


Returning participant access
If you have already submitted a project; you still can edit it or submit more projects until the deadline expiries.
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